Kush Stories

Kush has been a Dream Come True

Because Kush is a solution for so many women, we often hear wonderful stories from our customers and the healthcare professionals who recommend our product.

Uniting Mommies and Mommies-To-Be

“The first time I wore Kush, I could not believe how comfortable it felt and how much I really needed it. The unique material keeps Kush in place and the shape adheres to your cleavage perfectly. As a nursing mom, it provides great support and offers the comfort desired when sleeping on your side during pregnancy. This will be the gift I give to all of my pregnant friends.”
- Susan O’Neill

Recommendation From A Chiropractic Physician

“With twenty years of clinical practice in Chiropractic Medicine, I am very concerned about maintaining a patient’s natural postural alignment. I recommend that my patients sleep in a fetal position and frequently prescribe a knee pillow to assist with proper spinal alignment. Kush is a product I recommend for my female patients sizes C-Cup or larger to maintain the natural alignment of the breasts while side-sleeping. Kush is anatomically contoured to support the weight of the breasts and assists in maintaining the natural alignment important to good sleep patterns and patient wellness.”
- Henry E. Rice, D.C.

Comfort For A Restless Sleeper

"I am a bit of a restless sleeper. Kush just adapts and moves with your body so easily. It's such a nice, light and comfortable device that snuggles perfectly in the cleavage area – I am amazed that I can't even feel it’s there. I am so happy a product is now here to help women do away with those wrinkle lines in our beloved cleavage area. Thank you, Kush!"
- Mallane DeJong

Rest For Implant Sleepers

“Because of the way that my implants are positioned (they don’t move or come together if laying on my side), it was hard to sleep and my back hurt. I haven’t had that problem since I’ve been using Kush. It’s amazing how much comfort you can get out of such a small device. I’m just amazed at the results!”
- Lisa Barr

Outstanding Support From Plastic Surgeon

“As a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with twenty years of practice in the specialty, I was consulted in the developmental stages of Kush. Asked to evaluate the finished product, I think Kush is simply outstanding. Its anatomically contoured design offers women the opportunity to cushion their sleep patterns, increase personal comfort and help prevent the wrinkles and creases that can form on the cleavage area as the result of side sleeping. Kush can provide useful support and alignment of the breast following breast enhancement surgery, breast reconstruction surgery and can also be beneficial for pregnant and nursing mothers (all surgical patients should consult their physicians). I would recommend Kush to any of my patients trying to improve and cushion these areas of their life.”
- Peter L. Tucker, M.D.

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